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Paribhav Controls manufactures and supplies high-performance Electrical Control Panels for use in major industries. The company has a large stock of APFC Control Panel, Electric Distribution Control Panel, Extruder Control Panel, Fire Systems Control Panel, Heating and VFD Control Panel, Meter Distribution Control Panel, etc., which all are engineered to regulate and manage a range of electrical equipment and machines installed in manufacturing setups, industrial facilities, and commercial complexes. As a forward looking, market leading manufacturer and supplier, the company also fabricates customized control panels as per the specific needs and application requirements of different industrial and commercial spaces. 

The company appoints a smart team of designers and engineers who have unique expertise in their fields and can incorporate simple to complex electrical systems in control panels to align with client needs. These experts work in sync and take help of computer-aided design (CAD) software to create 3D prototypes of the control panel before they finalize the model to construct the final product. Necessary alterations in terms of design, dimension and finish are then done in consultation with the quality control team before a batch of reliable, quality-made and affordable products finally roll out of its production factory. Strict quality checks though done throughout the manufacturing process are also redone once products are sent for packaging. Quality evaluations are done through a series of performance tests that meet relevant industry standards, regulations and safety measures.

Our Aim

Our aim is to make and market a range of Electrical Control Panels to ensure electrical systems in industrial and commercial spaces function up to expected standards, i.e., they deliver the desired performance without malfunctioning. 

Quality Assurance & Steps Involved

As a part of our quality control and assurance measures, we recruit a team of talented quality evaluators who work in unison with clients to fortify our quality standards. They begin by determining exact specifications and requirements of the clients so that the final product matches well with their needs. All the necessary components and parts like circuit breakers, relays, switches, etc., that go into the making of control panels like APFC Control Panel, Electric Distribution Control Panel, Extruder Control Panel, Fire Systems Control Panel, etc., are bought from certified vendors only. Once components are purchased, they are assembled and wired under expert supervision, after which each control panel is subjected to a series of grueling checks to ensure proper functioning even under adverse work conditions. Tests done on the panels before they are finally approved for paining and labeling are as follows:

  • Visual inspection 
  • Component testing
  • Insulation testing, etc.

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